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Welcome to the new Live Entertainent 3.0

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”

For Primuse, a live event is a pleasurable social event that is among the most visceral and memorable forms of musical engagement. And, for the same reason, we aim to become one of the first and world’s leading Live Entertainment companies based on the Web3. Through our dynamic team, professional expertise and clarity of purpose and values.

We Start Our Mission In 2021

Indeed, the digitization of events remains limited regarding to the emergence of blockchain, metaverse and all of the Web 3.0 technologies. New ideas is a must.

Everything started when the industry was dominated by the record labels together with big corporations. Music was delivered to consumers thru phonograph's record (vinyl), cassettes or CD's, where "big whales" (record labels) were controlling the 100% of the value chain of music business, including live shows.
We call this era the "Live Entertainment v1.0".

Then, together with the new millennium, P2P technology make his big entrance into the music industry thru platforms like Napster, changing the way that music industry was known. Now consumers download their favorites songs, leaving record labels with less power in the industry, giving the space to independent labels which were more focus on new platforms like Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.
But one of the most important change was an unknown but old player, "Concert Promoters", gaining strong power in the industry. Now artist's need concert promoters to show their work.
We call this era the "Live Entertainment 2.0"

With the entrance of the new decade and the COVID-19, music industry make one of the biggest revenue since the entry of P2P. Platforms like Spotify increase their revenue in more than 40% in just one year, all thanks to the worldwide lock-down. But the biggest lost was by concert promoters, artist weren't able to tour and live music industry felt in more than 87% 2020. But this fall opened a new door, Live Streaming Concerts and live streaming platforms, like Netflix, Amazon, iQiyi, Youtube, etc...

But live streaming opened another door to the live entertainment industry. A door biggest than P2P opened back in the 2000's, a door that is still unknown for most of the world. We are talking the Web 3.0, a technology that is still under development, but a technology that will change the way that Live Entertainment is known, and this technology came for stay, and stay long time.

We call this era the "Live Entertainment 3.0"

New technologies has turned the concert experience up to an 11 creating a multimedia musical extravaganza for the average concertgoer. Through technological innovations, attendees can connect with artists and fellow fans in new ways.

From live streaming concerts that broadcast across the globe to holograms that bring artists back to life and back onstage, technology is changing the way people see and hear live entertainment.

Web 3.0 solve the problem that COVID-19 bring to concerts promoters, but most important solve the main problems of Music and Live Entertainment, and open a new world of experiences.

At Primuse we are working on the web3 technology in order to bring to our consumers the very best experience of live entertainment. We aim to decentralize the live entertainment industry, this will lead to create trust between consumers and players, will create equality and security to the consumers.

We are exploring a whole spectrum of a new business model, a revolutionary one, which is changing the way that we understand “Live Entertainment”.

We are working for stream our concerts thru the metaverse, using technologies like XR and/or AR, and share the experience between fans.

Can you imagine attend a concert, that will be held at venues with XR or AR technology installed permanently, so the event can be streamed thru the internet with such technology.

We not only give you the access to attend the concert with the magnificent of the live concerts and its production, but also to explore a new experience with XR/AR technology, using googles that will give you such access.

But most important, be able to connect and interact with those fans that are attending the same concert, but in the other side of the world and thru the metaverse, living the same experience that you are living, but from his living room. Will be like you are in both places at the same time, at the venue and at the metaverse.

This is Live Entertainment 3.0
This is Primuse.

More than 17 years in the music industry

Prime Events

Our Prime's holders can access to a new and unforgivable experience, delivering what’s called “Experience Excellence”.

Music Concerts

For us, a live concert is a pleasurable social event that is among the most memorable forms of musical engagement.

Music Festivals

One of the key elements between fans and the artists is the experience. Our festivals boost that connection.

Online Events

Our target is to make each moment an opportunity for a lasting memory, including online experiences.

Music Tour Promotion

Because an experience start from the source, we help our partners in organizing the best regional tours.

Corporate Events

Corporate events provide businesses an effective way to build relationships and loyalty with their target audience.

Marketing Events

We create events that engages consumers, through memorable experiences, using experiential marketing.

Event Production

If the event is the canvas, the production is the paint. For us, production is the primary piece of the live experiences.

Live the Experience

What's event experience mean? For us, event experience is “the interaction between an individual and the event environment, modified by the level of engagement or involvement, involving multiple experimental elements and outputs (such as satisfaction, emotions, behaviours, cognition, memories and learning), that can happen at any point in the event journey.”

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