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For us, a live event is a pleasurable social event that is among the most visceral and memorable forms of musical engagement. For this reason, we aim to become one of the world’s leading concert and festival organizers, based on Web 3.0, through our dynamic team, professional expertise, and clarity of purpose and values.

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Our events are interactions between fans and the event environment, involving multiple elements, that can happen at any point in the journey.

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Live event is emotions & experiences. At primuse, we create that experience from the source, helping our partners with the best regional concert tours.

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Live Events and the experience related, is the most effective way to build relationships and loyalty between your business and your target audience.

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If the event is the canvas, the event management and production is the paint. For us, this is our primary piece and first step of the experience.

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To have the unknown, you must first be the unknown.
You can't create a new reality while still living in your old pattern.
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⁠ ⁠Arch Enemy Deceivers Asia Tour 2024: LIVE in K

⁠ ⁠19 May 202 7pm

Arch Enemy have confirmed their show at Zepp

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Enjoy Your Life With Joy & Party

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